Southern born, Alaska grown, Kyara Massenburg was raised by a single mother in the United States Air Force.

A soulful child with a wanderlust spirit, she has always had a knack for the forgotten and eccentric. 

Storytelling has always been Kyara's passion - After graduating with a bachelors degree in Broadcast Journalism and working in both the news industry and corporate world for a couple of years thoughts of her childhood dream began to bubble up - and through life experiences storytelling has transcended and made its way to the surface in the form of acting.

She took a leap of faith - with no formal training - and auditioned for MFA programs. Kyara performed a scene with her mother (yes, she forced her mom to be her scene partner) from Tennessee Williams,’ Glass Menagerie and was accepted into the Actors Studio Drama School on the spot. She left everything behind to move to New York and commit wholeheartedly to pursue acting full time.  When not studying under the likes of Elizabeth Kemp, and Susan Aston, Kyara can be found eating tacos. During pre and post taco eating, Kyara is probably writing and developing short films and other art projects with fellow artist.